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A review for PRTG, $25 for you!

Update September 2021: It’s that time again – there are new VISA cards available. 50 cards, each worth $25, for the first 50 published and accepted reviews at the Gartner Peer Insights for IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tools. If you would like to write a review, please use the following link: 👉 Thanks for your support! ---

5 monitoring strategies for cyber security in OT

There is no doubt that the most secure OT environment is an isolated network, which does not necessarily need special security measures. However, with the convergence of IT and OT, many OT networks now need to be integrated with external systems and networks. And for these OT networks, it is crucial that comprehensive cyber security strategies are in place. As in IT, monitoring infrastructure, devices, and systems forms a vital part of such strategies. Here are five ways that monitoring can form part of an OT cyber security strategy. 

Latest PRTG news from our Product Manager Jörg

It's been another four months since Jörg, one of our PRTG product managers, stood in front of the camera to talk about exciting new features in our PRTG products.

How to integrate Advantech gateways with PRTG using Node-RED

As is well known, a gateway can establish the connection between industrial machines, control units or individual sections of production lines and classic IT networks. In doing so, they enable communication between systems that are not necessarily compatible with each other and can thus also integrate Operational Technology (OT) data into an IT monitoring concept. Due to increasing digitalization, this aspect is becoming more and more interesting for many companies.

New PRTG release 21.3.70 with new Azure, HPE, and Redfish sensors

Just a short while ago, I introduced you to PRTG Release 21.3.69, with a load of new sensors, and now the next version is ready for installation. And this version also comes with brand new stuff!

Several options to monitor your backup with PRTG

As an IT admin, you know what it feels like to live with the constant fear of data loss. You think that you have a reliable backup solution in place, so making regular backups should be working fine – just to realize that an important backup failed, and a lot of even more important data has been lost, be it your own company data or your customer’s data.

Get alerted on data center outages with Microsoft Teams

With more than 145 million daily active users (as of Q2 2021), Microsoft Teams is one of the leaders in UCaaS and meeting solutions. You can get it for free (for work, school, or friends and family) or as part of Microsoft 365 (for work, school, or government). We at Paessler also use it for internal and external communication with our partners. By combining it with PRTG Network Monitor, you can get insights and stay notified about the health state of your network hosts distributed all around the world.

Visualizing your IT and OT environment with PRTG

Holistic monitoring for industrial IT is a topic that we have covered on this blog many times before. We even put together a white paper about it. Essentially, holistic monitoring incorporates elements from IT and OT into one tool. One of the greatest advantages of this approach is that you can develop dashboards that deliver an overview of your entire industrial IT infrastructure. To demonstrate this, I will be writing a series of blog posts examining specific examples of dashboards for industrial environments that were created with Paessler PRTG monitoring software. 

The magic of building individual custom network maps with PRTG

Are there good and reliable tools out there that allow you to create professional network diagrams? Yes, there are! And some are even free of charge. In addition, the creation of vivid maps is a feature of PRTG that complements the overall network monitoring experience. We'd like to tell you about it, pointing out the important features of a solution that creates handy and useful overviews of your network.

Ensure that the right person or team gets the right notifications

Reliable notification of a malfunction or even a system failure in a data center is one of the most important tasks of a monitoring application. The notification should be configurable in different ways depending on the requirements. PRTG provides a number of notification options such as email, push, SMS, etc. This article, however, is not about the different notification options, but rather about how you can ensure that individual colleagues or teams in your IT department are provided with the correct and appropriate information.

Monitoring Industrial IT: defining and getting the data you need

Data is at the core of monitoring any environment. And in an industrial IT environment, this data exists in various devices, systems and sensors in the OT, IIoT and IT areas. And for a sound holistic monitoring concept, there are two aspects you need to consider: what data you need, and how you are going to get the data. Let's take a look at both of these points. 

Prevent expired OPC UA certificates halting your production line

In recent times, OPC UA has become widely-adopted in industrial IT environments. In short, it provides a common communication standard that allows elements from various parts of the industrial infrastructure to communicate with one another. One of the most basic aspects of OPC UA are the OPC UA certificates, which provide a level of security between communicating components. But what happens when these certificates expire? And how can you monitor them so that you always know what their status is?

Find out how we made our office's EV charging spaces truly smart

Together with the company Smart City System, we have designed the following use case and implemented it directly at our company location in Nuremberg. It's about the exciting, future-relevant field of parking monitoring, something that, for many companies and for modern urban planning in general, brings a great deal of potential. The monitoring tool used was the latest solution from Paessler AG: 👉 Paessler Building Monitor

Free checklist to find the right network monitoring solution

You probably came across this article because you want to monitor a large IT or network infrastructure. If so, I am pretty sure you are faced with several challenges.

Traffic monitoring on HP Aruba switches with sFlow and PRTG

There are two ways of monitoring your network traffic. SNMP Traffic sensor will show you incoming, outgoing, and total amount of traffic, but if you want to identify the major sources of traffic and eliminate bottlenecks, you should be using our xFlow sensors. And this blog post will focus on one of those sensors: sFlow and monitoring traffic on HP Aruba switches. I will show you how to configure sFlow via CLI and add a native sFlow sensor.