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This document introduces you to PRTG Network Monitor and Paessler PRTG Enterprise Monitor, both from now on referred to as PRTG. Everything you need to know to use PRTG or PRTG Hosted Monitor is in this document. It shows you how to:

  • plan monitoring results
  • achieve the best monitoring results
  • use a cluster for fail-safe monitoring
  • set up devices, sensors, dependencies, and much more

This document is also a reference for all settings in PRTG. While there is short contextual help in the PRTG web interface, this document provides more comprehensive information about available options. Whenever possible, links to more detailed resources are provided, such as articles in our Knowledge Base.

This document does not give an in-depth explanation of monitoring protocols and file formats. It also only briefly addresses the use of the application programming interface (API) built into PRTG.

  • To use PRTG right away, see section Quick Start Guide.
  • To learn more about monitoring with PRTG, see section Introduction: Monitoring with PRTG.
  • For more detailed instructions, browse the manual content or use the manual search with keywords and choose the section that you want to read.

i_square_cyanFor an overview of the icons and abbreviations that are used in this document, see section Appendix.

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